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done and done

85 friends
475 perogies
12 or more liters of wine
650 dollars raised for families who need it this holiday season
memories and lessons learned for out children about sharing and giving – priceless.

with thanks to MasterCard commercials for the inspiration.

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There are as usuall to many things to say and not enough to say them so instead I am going to give things away because that seems easier than trying to type a post. This is going to be dead easy… you totally can play and all you have to do is leave a comment.

What am I giving away, a copy of Wounded Children, Healing Homes.

I can not say enough good things about this book. I wish that I had it before I started this journey, after I was matched withthe boys but before they moved in would of been perfect. I  would have learned a lot and been more prepared for what was to come. Everyone who works with kids should read this book. I would tell you more but I lent my copy to the school because they need to read it. When I get it back I will review it properly.

So leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win. Leave a  comment and become a follower and you will get 2 entries. If you already are follower than you already have one extra entry just let me know in your comment.

I will draw a name on Monday so you have until mindnight on Sunday April 25th to enter. I will post the winner on Monday and they have till Friday to reply, then I will draw another name.

I also just realised as I typed this up that I was going to make buy a bunch of heartline bracelets based on comments a long time ago and then baby Lily died and life got busy and I FORGOT! So I will also buy 4 braclets from Corey and send those out as well. Although they are small they mean a lot.

So leave a comment and you can win the book or a bracelet. 1 book, 4 braclelets and all you need to do is leave a comment and follow me if you want 2 entries.

PS – no one is giving me anything for doing this… I just am because it is a great book and Heartline is a great charity and Corey rocks too.

April 23, 2010   12 Comments

come on, just one little minute

Please take a minute and scroll down to Monday’s post and leave a comment, then go post the link to Corey’s braclet page on your blog or facebook page. She has already made one donation to heartline and the more she sells the more they get.
I know you are out there, so let today be the day you stop lurking so I can give more money to charity.

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Monday Moments for a cause.

Monday Moments this week has a goal, the goal is to get you to leave a comment and post a link.

  • Corey is selling some amazing bracelets to support Heartline ministries in Haiti
  • We need to buy these bracelets to support the amazing work that they are doing there.
  • We are amazing people and we need to get the word out to all of our friends to go and buy these bracelets. If knitters ( who are amazing as well) can raise 1 million dollars we can get the word out and sell bracelets at 5 bucks a pop.
  • I know that kids love getting stuff in the mail. I want to send stuff to your kids. Keep reading and see how.

So what you need to do is leave a comment on this post that you will post the link to Corey’s bracelets on your blog or facebook page. I am going to use the honour system here, if you said that you will do it I am going to trust you. Each time you post the link to Corey’s page you will get one entry into a draw for one of Corey’s bracelets for yourself or someone else who you want to have it sent to like your kids. For every 5 people that comment I will I buy one bracelet for a randomly drawn commenter. Make sense

Here it is again,

1. Link to Corey’s bracelet page on your blog or facebook page

2. Leave a comment here telling me you have done it. 1 link = 1 entry.

3. I will buy bracelets based on the number of comments left. 5 comments = 1 bracelet sent to a randomly drawn commenter or a person of their choice, like their kid. The more people who get this out message out there the more bracelets I will buy and give away.

4. If you feel so bold as to share the link to Corey’s bracelets in other ways, like via email or a poster at church/school/temple let me know and I will give you another entry as well.

5. Spread the word, Corey needs to sell these bracelets and we need to spread the word that the world can not forget about Haiti.

All clear… I hope so, I know you are lurking out there, this a great reason to delurk and leave a comment!

February 15, 2010   5 Comments


I meant to tell you about Megan ( if you didn’t already hear) who is having a raffle and first prize is a week in a condo in Florida… oh I so need a trip to a warm beach. So go buy and ticket and send some pennies to folks who need them in Haiti and the DRC

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there are things.

There are things that I could blog about, there is stuff going and there have been some Stellar Moments around here but it all seems kind of pointless considering the drama in my life pales in comparison to that of so many other in Haiti and around the world. So instead of whining I will encourage you to do something, donate money, time or supplies to an organzation who is collecting and be thankful that we have roofs over our heads and enough to eat tonight.

January 15, 2010   4 Comments

take a minute

and go visit Heartline Runners, when you are moved by what they are doing take a minute and send them some pennies, they are great people doing great work and Corey is one of them!

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lucky me

I have a post in my head, a post with knitting pictures, amazing! But not today, today I am here to send you to visit the Heartline Runners blog and donate to their most worthy cause of getting a vehicle to transport pregnant woman so that they can give birth in their birthing center or in the hospital if necessary. An admirable cause to contribute to at Christmas and they are getting close to their goal.

I found them through Corey’s blog and entered her raffle, her raffle is over but you can still donate to the cause. So take a minute today because every cent helps.

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summer 09

(Click on the collage to make bigger)
As you can see it has been a long and boring summer and there was no fun had by anyone big, small, with shells or with wings. There are also a few pictures in there of our summer reno project ( before, during and almost finished) which was a huge task and a strain on the monkeys patience but one that they are excited about none the less. I must now be off to deal with the back to school stress that is cuasing all sorts of interesting moments around here.

September 4, 2009   1 Comment

so… ummm…. yeah…

I am still alive, lots of reasons for not posting but most of them have to do with the chaos that has been being a parent in the summer. We are busy! Here’s a quick play by play –

– had the rest of a great westcoast vacation complete with mice in my parents bathroom, bon ton cake and trying to wrangle 7 cousins from 0 to 12 into pictures and make them all smile at the same time

– home to a happy hubby and a few days to get back into the routine – very important around here

– Calvin’s 9th birthday, boys, water, fruit, cake balloons – need I say more
– 3 days of running summer camp at the university in the city, (which took 3 days to set up for and 1 day to clean up).
– lots of days hanging out at home, breaking up arguing children, playing at the local splash pad.
– strawberry picking x2, freezing, eating making jam… yummy jam
– My birthday, always a good day.
– the garden, which actually sucks up tons of my free time

Today we are off to the lake because it is actually nice and we friends with cottages, we have other plans to do the same thing next week! I have lots of posts in my head about what has been up with the boys these past few weeks but I have to find time to get them out of my head and into the computer.

Did you know that on Friday the boys will of been here for a year, amazing. It is causing all sorts of stress in their little worlds but we are working on it.

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