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Monday Moments

  • looks like I am still not back into this blogging thing… not sure what that means
  • that being said we have survived almost a whole month of this new life of ours.
  • It is super busy though and getting bronchitis did not help matters in any way, shape or form.
  • I am finally on the mend though.
  • Currently I am trying to bend time so that I can have about 3 extra hours each day,  it is not working unless I sleep less and since I have been sick that is not really an option.
  • There is so much going on in the kids lives and in my life that I don’t even know where to start.
  • I really want to make time for this again but I am feeling like I might be done as well…
  • I do make time for facebook though, so if you want to be friends in real life to keep with out antics i will not think you are crazy if you send me an email and ask me who I am in the real world. Honest.

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Monday Moments – once again

  • I’m back, did you even notice I was gone….
  • We traveled over 13,000km this summer and went all the way to the west coast and back.
  • We arrived home mid August but things quickly became crazy here.
  • I know you are so surprised, crazy here, never
  • Our travels were fantastic, we saw lots of friends, made new ones and enjoyed tons of time together.
  • There was one day near Chicago where I was ready to leave someone on the side of the road but other than that we all did really well considering how far we traveled.
  • .I had the immense privilege of going to NACAC which was fantastic and just what I needed after all that time alone with my kids.
  • If you know me in real life you know that they are crazy because I applied for, interviewed for and then accepted a job in the big city near to us.
  • This means a 1 hour commute each way.
  • But I get to snuggle toddlers all day and I love toddlers so it is totally worth the drive.
  • It also means all my kids are going to school and since today is the day before school starts here there have been lots of big, huge, messy feelings.
  • They are all going to survive though.
  • So am I…. or so I keep telling myself.
  • 5:30 comes really early though.
  • I really wanted to check in here though and say that we are alive and although you are not commenting wordpress stalks you for me so I know that you are coming and reading and I wanted to say that we were alive and well.
  • Enjoy September, wherever it may lead you.

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Monday Moments

  • I’m alive
  • I’m not sure what to about blogging anymore.
  • It’s a complicated and long story.
  • I am thinking that I might keep on going but not till after I get through the chaos that is our summer
  • Not that there are many readers anymore.
  • Which is mostly because I do not have any time to do anything including blog or read others blogs.
  • 2 kids are almost done school 1 is still got way to much to do I do not want to talk about it…. it makes me angry at him.
  • time for bed

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Monday Moments

  • I know I have been super quiet. 
  • We have busy and things here are hard.
  • I am not sure how or if I can blog about it, we are fine, we are alive.
  • One of the kids is having a super hard time though which is making everyone around here pretty miserable and we are just muddling through as best we can.
  • It is not fun.
  • In brighter news spring is here and I am busy planning the  epic summer road trip of 2013….
  • We have been camping in the warm days and freezing nights.
  • I am breathing and drinking water, some days that is all I got.

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Monday Moments on Tuesday, again.

  • It seems as though spring has finally arrived in the great white north. 
  • Woohoo
  • The kids and I walked for over an hour yesterday which was good for all of us and there were some interesting conversations while we walked.
  • They also jumped on the trampoline for hours and entertained themselves outside all afternoon.
  • (shhh this part needs to be whispered because if I say it aloud it will end) Things with Ramona have calmed back down to their regular level of crazy which is so much better than the super intense crazy we did from Jan through March. April began and she calmed way down which is a really good thing. r
  • Other people who live here are still crazy.
  • I have one child who is not interested in learning anymore and so his morning is spent sitting around bored while everyone else does school.
  • He has been at it for over a week, I am sure that eventually the boredom will become less exciting and he will finish the work needed to finish the year.
  • Last week was challenging here in other ways, there was an incident with a professional who we were working with who referred to one of my kids birth parents as their “real mom” in front of the kid.
  • My head almost exploded I was so mad.
  • I threw that one to my loving other half and let him deal with and fire the professional involved.
  • I am still mad.
  • There is a lot of adoption language that is unimportant and other stuff that is huge, this is one of the ones that I think is huge.
  • All of my children have had multiple mothers and they all have names and played different roles in their lives, they are all real.
  • Real is one of those impossible to defines terms for a kid and it is not a way to refer to parents, birth, foster, adoptive or step.
  • Things are still super busy here but next week we are taking a school vacation week and celebrating Easter, again, long story but you can read about the craziness of using 2 calendars in the Ukrainian church here  if you are interested.

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Monday Moments

  • I’m alive.
  •  not much to say
  •  just working on getting through the day.
  • lots of posts in my head,  no time to write them though
  •  hoping things slow down soon… not likely though.

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Monday Moments

  • Things have settled down here and frankly that is a damn good thing.
  • Last week I came as close as I possibly could to throwing in the towel with one of my kids without actually doing it.
  • The boy I know and love has returned but he did spend 2 days in his room and a 3rd on a really short leash before the nasty little brat left.
  • It’s a good thing he figured it out because there was little patience left by Friday and if something did not change I was going to blow in a big way.
  • The thing is I can manage the Ramona stuff and one boy but with both of them acting up I was sunk.
  • Last week was the kind of week I longed to be able to send them to school.
  • School is not a good place for any of my kids though and it would bring it’s own huge set of challenges.
  • The snow is finally melting here and we are well into the season of mud, there is mud everywhere.
  • I don’t mind mud, it is better than snow.
  • After mud comes flowers, I like flowers a lot.
  • We are heading to New York this weekend to visit friends we love, yeah for friends.
  • Thanks for all the love last week, it means a lot to be reminded that I am not alone even though there are says when that is exactly how I feel.

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Monday Moments

  • oh it has been a day around here.
  • Monday is therapy day for Ramona, it always proves amusing if nothing else because she is so on top of what is going on and we will only talk about the things on her agenda.
  • Calvin has some serious pre-teen attitude going on, it’s not working so well for him.
  • Fudge thought playing with flint and steel in the play room would be a good plan yesterday, I was less than impressed.
  • Yesterday Ramona thought that calling me every name in the book was also a good plan, again it didn’t work so well for her unless writing sentences and an early bedtime was her goal.
  • We are supposed to get a storm here tomorrow, shooting me might be a better option.
  • The flower photos are not nice people.
  • Last year at this time it was warm, sunny and my kids were wearing shorts.
  • This year we are wearing snow suits.
  • I am so done with winter it is not even funny any more.
  • I also spilled a huge bag of rice all over my kitchen floor tonight, I posted the photo because letting other feel my pain was the only thing that kept me from crying.
  • I’d be lost without my friends, I am so grateful that I have people in my world who live lives just like mine and who get what parenting kids from hard places is like. It makes all the difference int he world.
  • here’s to hoping the week gets better because if today is repeated there is going to be a lot of early bedtimes.

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Monday Moments

  • I know, I know, it’s Tuesday. 
  • Yesterday I was on a plane, I thought about blogging but then I got to fly with another Mama to Chicago and I slept the rest of the way.
  • Orlando was good.
  • I spent 5 days with Lisa, there is no way that can ever be a bad thing.
  • I also spent 5 days with some of the most wonderful, amazing, patient women anyone will ever meet, I call myself blessed because I never, ever thought I would be so lucky to know as many amazing people as I do.
  • Orlando changes me every year.
  • I am not sure how I will write about my time there this year or if I will but know that it was the happiest place on earth of 5 whole days for lots of fabulous women.
  • In other news I am married to an amazing man who managed behaviour this weekend that would make most folks call the cops, he is a rockstar.
  • I might have called the cops.
  • When your 12-year-old is as big as you are dealing with his rage is scary, P is bigger than I am but still a freaking, raging almost teenager is insane to deal with.
  • Today is day 365 for Ramona, I am not drawing any attention to it at all, not a drop but there will be a letter at some point this week.
  • I have to go buy groceries and get on task with all that other Mom stuff.
  • 5 days away was fantastic but reality sets in pretty quick once you are home.

March 12, 2013   1 Comment

Monday Moments

  • In 48 hours from now I will be on my way to Orlando. 
  • There is something about being loved and accepted just the way you are that fills me up in a way that I never knew was possible.
  • These women were strangers to me and now many of them know me better than members of my family, they mean the world to me.
  • I am so beyond grateful that I have the chance to go and to rest, relax and have a glass of wine or 6…
  • There are stories of my behavior in Orlando that shock me although I will continue to blame it on the punch.
  • I will say that when I was dancing on the table I was totally sober.
  • 2 of my kids know that I am going to go away and come home and that everything is going to be ok, Ramona is not so sure.
  • She will survive, her father might not but she is going to.
  • I am packed and ready to go, I could leave now but my ticket will not take me anywhere till Wednesday night, that ticket will also make sure I come home on Monday morning.
  • my kids have been super challenging this past week, I may or may not have time to tell you all about that before I leave.
  • I am headed to bed, I am so, so, so tired.

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