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Questions part 1

BT asked: Are you knitting anything right now? Yes and no, I have a few knitting projects on the go that are not finished, some socks, 2 sweaters and a few other things. I will cast on something to knit over the summer while I watching the boys play at parks and beaches but I have not decided what it will be yet, it will need to be easy and portable. I have no shortage of options or yarn I just need to pick something.

What is your favourite thing that you’ve ever knitting and why was it your favourite? That is hard to say, here are a few picture of my favourite things though because knitting really needs photos.

A sweater for my niece    My wedding shawl that a friend spun the yarn for.     Another shawl that I love
Norberta the dragon, I knit her twice and my Jeanie stole, I love them both because they look hard but were really easy.
Have you ever knit anything for your sons?

No because I am afraid they will lose it or destroy it.

Essie asked:

What’s your favorite color? Why?
Red because red is best
Do you like to knit with that color?
Oddly not really very often but the knitting has been sparse for a long time now, the last big things I knit were in the winter and they were for other people.

Why did you start your blog?
I started blogging long ago when I was overseas and then felt frustrated by the fact that I could not talk openly about how hard it was to parent my kids because everyone in the world knew about my blog, so I started again and did not tell very many IRL friends.

Who is your favorite celebrity?
I don’t have one but I do admire Rosie O’Donell because she has amazing courage and says it like it is regardless of what anyone else thinks.

V. asked: I’d love to know how old the boys were when you adopted them.

When we adopted the boys they were 6 and 8 but Calvin has just turned 8 the week before we met him and Fudge turned 7 just 3 months later.

K asked: What has been the best thing about adopting , What has been the worst?
The best thing about adopting is the fabulous children that I have to share my world with and I mean that honestly, I enjoy being a parent most of the time. The worst thing is that other people treated them so badly before they got to me and that I had little sense of just how hard repairing broken children can be. I took the courses, I read books but I did not understand just how hard it was going to be to help them heal and just how very, very long it would take. I don’t regret it for a minute but it much different than I ever thought it would be.

Thanks for asking in the first place, I will get the rest of them up soon.

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Since it is the first day of school

I had these grand plans for this fabulous blog post all about the fun summer that the boys and I have had – days at friends cottages, fishing, tubing, rock climbing, ping pong, swimming, boating, s’mores for the first time, adoption parties, apple picking and generally just having a great time learning to be a family. I came to the coffee shop, got settled and hooked up to the high speed, plugged in my memory card and found this

and this

oh and this one too

Sad but true, the boys played with the camera on Sunday, they did ask first and some how managed to erase the 2 weeks of pictures that were there – luckily I downloaded a bunch of them earlier in the summer or else we would of had none! So there are no fun apple picking ( although we will do that again), rock climbing or adoption party photos – there are the ones that I had taken in the first 2 weeks, so for your amusement, (in no particular order) a collection of summer memories.

And just in case you thought that this was a knitting blog, here is a hat, one of only 2 things I managed to finish this summer. There is a sweater, a tomten jacket and summer slip socks on the needles at the moment. I am looking very forward to knitting on weekday afternoons now that the boys are at school.

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The day of J.

The day of J has drawn to a close for another year – it was good day, P and I went to a friends cottage with the boys for the day. We arrived home exhausted but happy. Before I retired for the night I managed to block Jeanie which I finished at knitting on Wednesday night. Here she is in all her glory – I didn’t use sock yarn, instead I used Hacho by Mirasol Yarn and decreased the center repeats to 6 ( I think)

And as promised some pictures of the last week with the boys – sadly the camera didn’t make it out yesterday but there was much fun had, these are from earlier in the week.

walking along the river
looking for and finding frogs!
at the splash pad
having a great time!
I am off to see if I can rent Kung Fu Panda… do I need to tell that it wasn’t my idea.

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