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on our way

Posting has been sporadic here for so long, sorry. I want to write, I want to make time but there is so little it seems. I have so many started and not finished posts it is not even funny.  Although finding time is hard, to be honest, things have been so hard around here I am not sure what to say or how to say it. I want to respect my aging kids privacy and yet I think that there are things to be learned from sharing. While I work on figuring that out in my head you can acknowledge that I am indeed crazy as I am about to leave on a 6 week road trip with my three kids in tow.  Winnipeg ,Sylvan Lake, Victoria, near Seattle and then back through the states ending up at the NACAC conference in Toronto in August.  We leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

What doesn’t kill you….

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Days around here are exceedingly long sometimes. today was a long day. My kids are one edge and I have no idea why but it makes me really tired. Tonight I am exhausted and should be in bed but instead I am obsessively watching election results for our nearest neighbours  I am not sure I can go to be without the news being better than it is right now.

That being said if Mitt wins the exodus to my side of the border might be huge and I would love it if more of my friends lived up here!

November 6, 2012   1 Comment

On a Saturday, really

Yes this is me blogging on a Saturday, which rarely happens but I am really committed to blogging everyday this month. It has been a busy day though and since I am exhausted let me entertain you with pictures of my kids because you know they are cute!

This is way before Halloween but we were trick or treating at Legoland with their cousins so it totally countsThis is them on actual Halloween, mine are Darth Vader, Punky Brewster and Shy Guy, the lego men belong to one of my dearest friends. I have more photos but wordpress says they are to big and I am to tired…

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Life or something like it.

Things are just rolling along over here and sadly finding time to write about it is limited. To be honest I am in a bit of a rut, we are busy, really busy and time for me is not making it on to the to-do list most days. I am working on changing that but it is hard.

The kids are acting like kids, just when I think we have found our groove someone does something to screw it up, it happens about every 5 minutes or at least that is how it feels. I love having them home, I mean that but the crap they pull to try to get out of crap just to see if I am paying attention is making me a bit crazy.

Today was insane, there has been so much going on Halloween just put everyone over the top. Calvin actually had a tantrum while were trick or treating last night. It was  spectacular to say the very least.

On that note I am going to make concerted effort to make it here everyday this month as it is National Adoption Month and I miss blogging…

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This and That

I have 11 minutes till Grey’s starts and I will be in front of the TV when it does. I am home, in one piece and have been going pretty much non stop since I got back on Tuesday. Yes,  there was that 2 hour nap on Tuesday but that was required given my status of past exhausted. Once I woke up I hit the ground running so to speak. I taught yesterday, worked at the school and did therapy with Fudge today, then made heaps of phone calls and I am teaching tomorrow. Saturday there is confirmation for Calvin’s class and although Calvin is already confirmed we are attending so that he does not miss out because he is already different enough without missing out on this as well.

My children and my husband survived in my absence, my husband is still recovering (teehee) from the boys antics but he did handle their “up to no good” antics like a pro. It’s funny how much you I have blocked out from just how bad it was before, now the raging tantrums seems like minor blips on a the radar screen even though I know they would send many folks running for cover.

I really enjoyed spending time with my sister and her monkeys they are fabulous and if you are my friend in the real world there are some great pictures on my facebook page. Cute kids are fun to take pictures of, I took a lot.

It’s 9, gotta fly, don’t worry I’ll be back.

November 17, 2011   3 Comments

Didn’t get to it

This has been a long week.

Last month when I booked my last session with M I did not realise yesterday was a PD day nor did I know about all the emotional turmoil that would knock me over when I discovered that two little boys were not with their forever family but instead back in foster care. The combination of these 2 things along with a few other bits of stress ( that are not really bloggable) knocked me on my ass yesterday.

It was ok though, I needed the chance to be emotional and emotional I was. The boys and I went to see Michael (aka E.) and his family, I got to snuggle a baby and that was good. Other than that I did pretty much nothing yesterday, well nothing more than I absolutely had to – you know like feed my kids and break up fights.

Which included not blogging about the winners for the shutterfly giveaway, I had 5 comments on that post so and I got together a few minutes ago and Melissa, BT and Lori, I will email you a code – soon but not now cause now I am going outside to get some yard work done.  It will help my head cause so far today I have got very little done as well.

October 29, 2011   3 Comments

Breaking the code

Up here in the great white north we often use code that our southern friends don’t understand. If you have wondered about our expressions you need not to wonder a minute longer because I am here to break the code for you, well to break the code and indoctrinate you about how great being Canadian is.
KD or Kraft dinner is Macaroni and Cheese. Whether it is made by Kraft or not we still call it KD
Hoser was made popular by Bob and Doug McKenize, it can be a good or bad thing to call someone a hoser depending on the context
Toboggan is a sled, usually made of wood and curved up at one end. It is big enough for multiple people to ride.
Homo Milk or homogenized milk is whole milk and it like all milk is available in bags as well as cartons.
Rockets are candy that come in a small roll, they are not called Smarties because Smarties are chocolate coated candies that are similar ( but not the same as) M&M’s
A double double is a coffee from Tim Horton’s with 2 creams and 2 sugars
Poutine is fries with cheese curds and sauce. It must be bought at chip wagon and the sauce needs to be poutine sauce and not gravy. Good poutine can be hard to find but it is worth it when you do.
We have Prime Minister not a President.
A soft drink is a soda.
I have a Chesterfield in my living room means that we have a couch.
Toonies and loonies are money.
Zed not zee is the last letter in the alphabet.
And Because the Arrogant Worms are amazing here are 2 of their takes on this great country
Happy Canada Day.

July 1, 2011   8 Comments

and so it begins

First of all,  thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday, my heart hurts but I know it will heal with time. Sadly these are not the first kids we have been interested in adopting and I am sure they will not be the last. I am confident that it will happen and in the mean time I will continue to get our profile out there and cross my fingers.

Today is the last day of school until September. We have 67 days till school starts again, not that I am counting or anything. Actually I am not really counting  because in many ways I am looking forward to use having some lazy days and lot of time near water and with friends. The boys are finally at a stage where I can do things with other people and not worry constantly about what they are up to. They are usually getting into trouble but it is little boy trouble not real trouble.

Remind me in a month that I was looking forward to this cause I am sure by then I will have had enough of them.

Since I am such a stellar parent I forgot until this morning that since it was the last day of school I really should say thanks you to their jail guards teachers for putting up with my monsters all year and so I stopped at the bookstore after I dropped Calvin off and got them each a book for their classroom. So now I must go and get them to the school before they all disappear into the ether when the bell rings at 3:25.

June 30, 2011   2 Comments

I got nothing to say but other people do

Well that is not true I have a lot of things but nothing I can really articulate this morning. I am not sure why but I am just not in the mood to write today so instead I am going to send you other places because there are other people who are way more in the mood to write than I am and some who just need a little love.

Adoption Magazine is a new Canadian Adoption Blog that is looking to fill in some of the huge gaps in connecting Canadians to great adoption resources. They are reposting some things from here, pop over and see them.

The Lark’s Nest is doing a great monthly panel with some fabulous foster Mamas.

Because we are not alone on this journey go and give these Mamas some love, it has been a long week in their homes – GB’s Mom, Sarah, Mama Drama, The Other Mama

Before the fabulous Megan left for Hawaii ( which was a flying nightmare and took way to long) she wrote this great post about being gay and christian, go read it, then come back and read some other things.

Are you a member at, if not and you want to try it out ( great resources and ideas in their newsletters and other stuff you can only access as a member) it is half price for the rest of their fiscal year which means from now till July you can be a member for 27.00

There is a great article on Early Attachment: Leaving it’s Mark Across the Lifespan on a great new resource that I found through a friend. Friends are good like that

Claudia’s book Out if Many, One Family is now available on the Kindle

If you have not seen it yet head over to Christine’s blog and read then letter that Brenda wrote for other grandparents, then share it with the appropraite family members

If you live in or near the Toronto area the Attachment Association of Canada is having a conference in May and Daniel Hughes is the main presenter. I am trying to line up childcare so P and I can both go, so far it is not working but I will keep trying.
I have to go be productive now… I know, I know it sucks.

March 23, 2011   1 Comment

looking for you

Well I would love to looking for all of you but specifically I am looking for the reader who left this comment on my blog the other day

Anonymous said…

I am new to all this reading-of-blogs-of-moms-with-challenging-children…but I would be interested in a gathering in TO…

I have a question for you so if you are comfortable with it can you fire me an email stellarparenting(at)hotmail(dot)com (change words in ()to symbols). If you are uncomfortable with that I totally understand and as plans are made I will post them here.

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