Making parenting mistakes since 2008

About Us

J. – that would be me, I’m the Mom around here and a lot of things as well. I have  been a lots of things in the past, teacher, baby snuggler, toddler wrangler, knitter, cook, traveler, to name a few.

P. – He’s the Dad, he’s also a therapist, my partner and all sorts of other wonderful things as well.

Calvin  is named after the cartoon great from Calvin and Hobbes and as a young boy he came up with his own share of ways to make his mothers heart beat a little faster and thus quickly earned his blog name. He is an animal lover, would still rather be outside than inside and is now a young man trying to find his way in the world

Fudge was named after Fudge in Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing, he never did swallow his brothers pet turtle but I would not of put it past him as a child. He has a wicked sense of humour, loves all things music and his laugh will make your heart melt,

Ramona was named after my favourite book character as child, precocious, spunky and always looking for trouble fits describes our youngest child to a T. Ramona keeps me on my toes and has the most resilient spirit of anyone I have ever met.